8 Simple Window Dressing Ideas for the Minimalist Home

8 Simple Window Dressing Ideas for the Minimalist Home

If you’re considering simplifying your life and having a more minimalist home, you may have browsed Pinterest for a couple of ideas and noticed that most of the minimalist home designs are light and open with large, beautiful windows.  And while most of these windows seem uncluttered and unadorned, having a minimalist home doesn’t mean that you have to be content with a lack of privacy, give up your day-time snooze or suffer glare on your TV or computer screen.

Here are 6 window dressing ideas that will work with your minimalist home, looking stunning without detracting from the calm atmosphere.


#1 Ceiling Mounted Rods

For the ultimate in luxury finishing

Installing curtains inside a dedicated recess creates a sleek finish to any room.  By completely concealing the hardware, you maximize views and compose a calm, polished look.  For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, install motorized curtain rods to control the daylight with the flick of a switch.

modern minimalist living room with curtains with hidden tracks

Long charcoal drapes featured in a home by Amr Moussa are mounted behind a dropped ceiling, creating a seemingly endless flow of luxurious fabric.

#2 Wave Pleat Drapes

For the city minimalist

The precise folds of the wave pleat create a simple, elegant and very neat drape that is ideally suited to large windows.  These drapes don’t ask much of the user other than appreciation for their clean lines and require no further tiebacks or holdbacks.  Best used with a traverse ripplefold curtain rod, they look best when simply drawn back and left to frame the window.

wave pleat white curtain in light sitting area

These positively minimalist wave pleat drapes featured on Dollar Curtains & Blinds are pulled back effortlessly to display the cityscape.

#3 Ring Clip Drapes

For the DIY minimalist

The simplicity of the ring clip drape with its understated beauty is what makes it ideal for the minimalist homemaker who wants curtains, but don’t want to weigh the room down with heavy drapery.  Making this window dressing is as easy as buying a length of fabric, clipping it to the rings and sliding it onto the curtain rod.  Clip rings are available in both C-rings or full rings and come in a variety of finishes to suit your décor.  Clip rings can be used with flat fabric panels or with pleated drapes to create a fuller look.

minimalist sitting corner with light curtains

Gorgeous, simple ring clip drapes from Les Curieuses feature thin contrasting edges that complement the sleek black metal rods.

#4 Tracked Room Dividers

For the minimalist who needs an additional room

This drapery hardware application is ideal for a studio where you want to separate the bedroom area from a living room or office space.  Installing drapery along a ceiling mounted track, giving you the option of privacy without compromising the large open space so well suited to a minimalist home.


office space divided from bedroom by simple white curtain

Thick blackout drapes in white corduroy successfully separate the two spaces while complimenting the clean, minimalist aesthetic in architect Elizabeth Roberts’ studio apartment and workspace, featured in Domino.

#5 Shoji Screens

For the zen minimalist

Go to the source of calm and balance and make your own shoji screen.  Panels of rice paper or canvas can be clipped into double ceiling mounted tracks and seamlessly moved using drapery wands to customize your ideal space.

These room dividers exude peace and tranquillity, and the neutral screens will go with any design style and color scheme your minimalist home may have.  Alternatively, you can use the opportunity to play with beautiful patterns and some color without the bulky fabric of traditional drapes.

shoji screens in japanese inspired bedroom

Digs Digs features fabric wall panels in a style and setting that clearly mimic that of the original Shoji screen.  It lends a sense of privacy to the bedroom while maintaining a link with nature.

#6 Natural Wood Rods

For the nature-loving minimalist

A great way to bring the outside in is to use curtain holdbacks or curtain rod brackets to house a decorative wooden rod or branch.  Use it with a light cotton tab top or tie top curtain for an unfussed look.

rustic minimalist pink and white curtains suspended by a natural wood branch as curtain rod

The options are endless with this creative drapery hardware application, and the look will depend largely on the piece of wood you happen to find.  This pretty corner emphasizes the natural curtain rod by accessorizing it with wicker, tumbleweed and a beautiful wooden chair.

A Few Pro Tips on Choosing the Right Window Treatment for Your Minimalist Home:

  • Window treatments act as insulation, to frame a window and to finish a room. In the minimalist home, even though they are understated, window treatments add as much to the final look of the room as the rest of the items. Choose them with care to help you create a simple and uncluttered space.
  • Where there is harsh sunlight, it is always advisable to install blackout. This could be as lining, or as blinds installed in the window recess. Blackout will prevent the sun from damaging the curtain fabric, especially when natural fibers are being used.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer window treatments. A simple dress curtain can easily hide bulkier blackout curtains or blinds behind it.